My Work, Google Cloud)

I planned and designed this mobile-friendly site in 2021 to support clients with low digital literacy skills and limited English proficiency navigate ISANS online programming. This "bridge" prepared literacy clients to connect with the Canadian-wide LINC LMS.

H5P Interactive content (Lumi Editor)

I collaborated closely with SMEs and drafted and designed this interactive content to streamline PBLA requirements and ISANS Classroom Expectations. This asynchronous learning tool diversifies the learning experience.

Simulator (Articulate Storyline, Adobe illustrator)

I designed and created this simulator in June 2022 during the organization's transition from Zoom to Microsoft Teams. The authentic experience users can gain from this simulator enormously ease the stress for learners and instructors during the transition.

Flipbook (MS Office, Adobe illustrator)

I sketched and lay out the flipbooks to digitalize the Homework packages for the ISANS literacy team. These digital flipbooks provide a similar "in-person“ learning experience for literacy clients. "Same but No Same"

Asynchronous Moodle Course (Moodle MEC)

I planned and built this asynchronous course on to support ISANS' new clients getting ready for their online learning. There are five modules in this course, including Forums, Assignments, Quizzes and an automated certificate. Activity restrictions and the progress block have been set. Password:test123

Tutorial Videos (Video Editing)

I wrote the script and edit this video to aid instructors with the use of the breakout room feature on Microsoft Teams. This video is part of the resources for instructors on how to efficiently use Teams.

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